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When it comes to cooling your house or workplace, the major decision is whether to go with a fan coil or cassette air conditioner. While both may perform a good job of cooling, several nuances define them and help you pick. When installing an air conditioner, it would be useful if you examined numerous criteria, which would also help you pick the most advantageous. Consider the following distinctions and important elements when deciding between a fan coil and a cassette-type air conditioner.


This is a stand-alone air conditioning system that is in charge of circulating the current air in a small space, but it is also occasionally part of a larger HVAC system. The fan coil unit is also utilized in several forms, the most common of which being wall mounted.



Fan coil units are less expensive to purchase and install than other central air conditioning systems since they often power small to medium-sized areas. They are also less expensive than an air handling unit system and a bigger central air conditioning system. Furthermore, due to their smaller size, they are easier to install, resulting in lower installation costs than other systems.

With correct maintenance and operation, the fan coil unit system may create a significant amount of energy efficiency, allowing for power and energy consumption savings.

Another benefit of having a fan coil unit system is that you may be more versatile with temperature settings by having room-level customisation for your area.


Unfortunately, fan coil air conditioning machines do not chill the entire house. They are also more effective for cooling a single room. It is not appropriate for use in workplaces. Because it would not be able to totally chill the office.

Fan coil air conditioners likewise function best behind closed doors, thus they must be used with the doors closed. If there is a lot of traffic in the area and people are continually coming in and out of the room, a fan coil unit may not be the ideal solution. It may even take longer to evenly cool the space.

The installation of a fan coil air conditioner is complicated and requires professional workers. The fact is, there are several delicate processes to correctly installing an air conditioning system, and if any of them are skipped or completed too hastily, it may result in problems such as a refrigerant leak, inefficient performance, and even a premature system breakdown.


A cassette unit works in the same way as a fan coil-split system; the difference is that cassettes are installed on the ceiling rather than the wall. This type of air conditioner distributes cool air across the room by using its two to four sides. A cassette is made up of two sets of units that work together to form a cooling system. The indoor unit, which is mounted on the ceiling, emits cold air, while the outdoor unit is located outside of the room, away from obstructions and corrosive chemicals.



The installation of this sort of air conditioning unit provides an advantage in terms of cooling. It provides good coverage of cold air all over the space since it is located above the room and naturally falls in a downward direction. When combined with its internal efficient and powerful fan, it can easily cool a wide room.

In comparison to other types of AC, this gives a calmer experience around the environment due to its construction and design of an interior and outdoor unit. The functional system, which is usually located in the outside system, generates the majority of the unit noise and vibration, isolating it from the inside unit.

Cassette air conditioners make use of the most recent technology developments in air conditioning systems. This will give a more efficient experience for users, both in terms of functional purpose and energy efficiency, resulting in lower monthly electricity bills. Cassette air conditioners now incorporate features such as variable fan speed and programmable thermostats.


Installation, like split-type air conditioning, may be large labor to deal with and would necessitate the use of a professional to install this sort of air conditioning system. This sort of AC operates concurrently between the interior and outdoor units, which will necessitate the drilling of holes in your walls to connect both units. Outdoor units should be installed in a well-shaded location away from corrosive chemicals and dampness.

This air conditioning system does require two units to work. This would also imply acquiring both of them, which would be significantly more expensive than comparable air conditioning systems. Though this may appear to be a drawback for most budget-conscious consumers, it is claimed to be more cost-effective in the long term since it is significantly more energy-efficient.

One of the things that deter people from using a cassette kind of AC is the need to modify the room's infrastructure, notably the ceiling. Most people are concerned about this since it would need some obtaining licenses to be allowed to do so, particularly in rental properties. This also implies a lack of mobility and a time-consuming uninstalling process when transferring to a new location.


As cassette aircon may look sleek, it may only be suitable for offices or bigger areas. If your home size allows you to have a cassette unit. You have to bear in mind that it will cost you more for renovations.

You would be able to adjust the temperature of the fan coil unit individually for different rooms. You would not want the unused area of the house, like the living room when you are in the room, to be cold. That will cost more in your electricity bills.

If you are unsure what type of aircon is suitable, feel free to contact your aircon technician.

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